Door County yacht company bid adieu

A warehouse that was once utilized to make luxury yachts is now full of equipment that is all set to be auctioned off. Jim Wesoloski told that he worked there for seventeen years and he really relished the work there making the best yachts in the world.

Jim sated that he worked with Palmer Johnson before he called it a day. The warehouse, on Monday, was filled with mixed emotions as people picked through left over parts. Earlier this fall, Palmer Johnson declared that they were moving their business to other nations, leaving around hundred people without jobs.

Door County Economic Development Corporation’s Bill Chaudoir told that it had around a hundred year run in this firm so this is one of their early ship yards and to see it go to auction for the equipment, this is a sad day, but the good news is there are other expanding businesses in the community that are going to take advantage of the workforce.

He added that the impact of Palmer Johnson leaving is not as bad as it could have been. Frankly, they have not seen an impact on their unemployment rate as he said that a lot of other employers are taking advantages of the workforce.

The buildings of Palmer Johnson would not stay empty for very long. Bay Ship has plans to purchase the buildings and expand their company. Chaudoir added that they are very fortunate that Bay Ship being next door is able to incorporate these buildings into their facilities. They have got like a 3 year back log of work so this would help them out.

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