70th Anniversary Of Southport Yacht Club

The Southport Yacht Club will be creating history when it opens its boating and sailing season on September 3, 2016. This will mark its 70th anniversary of the sailing season and this is a moment to cherish or everyone involved with the yacht club.

All the visiting boats and the club’s vessels will be arriving at the Southport Yacht Club on Saturday for the blessing of the fleet that is scheduled to take place from 2:45 pm. There are as many as 70 vessels that would be taking part in the blessing of the fleet ceremony. There is no doubt that this would be a sight to behold for everyone attending the event as the waters will be filled with power and sailing boats. There will be many local bigwigs watching the event from the edge of the water.

The Southport and the Broadwater Parklands are the best places to watch the vessels parade. Visitors are also provided with the opportunity to witness the vessels parade from the clubhouse of the Southport Yacht Club, and possibly win a Yacht Charter in Largs.  The waters will be blessed by Father Don Parker. The salute will be taken by Kerry Noyes, the Southport Yacht Club Commodore, Vice Commodore Mathew Doornbos RAN and Vice Commodore Sail Ray McMahon.

After the sail past and the blessing of the fleet ceremony, there will be a performance by the Salvation Army band along with the TS Tyalgum Cadres. They will be performing at the Sunset Ceremony. All the bona fide visitors and the members can make use of the restaurant and other facilities offered by the Southport Yacht Club. This is indeed a great experience for everyone who gathers at the Southport Yacht Club.

There will be entertainment offered for the visitors all through the day by vocalist Jocelyn Armstrong and the Salvation Army band.