Final Results Of Japan Regatta

The results are out for the 34th America’s Cup that was being held this weekend and the results have been as anticipated by all.

The Land Rover BAR team that was being skippered by Sir Ben Ainslie has finally managed to break the drought that Britain has suffered for several years. The team was finally able to win and bring back the prestigious trophy to their country. It was definitely a narrow and fierce competition with the Oracle US team following close behind; they are being the defending champions of the event.

The team of Ben Ainslie had been in a leading position in the previous rounds as well and there was much hope that they would be able to claim victory this time. This team has certainly been able to deliver against the expectations of the fans. They have also earned two bonus points that move them on to the America’s Cup event for the upcoming year. They would be taking part in the qualifying series that would be held in the months of May and June in the following year. The second runner up was the Oracle Team of US whose position in the qualifying rounds for next year is already decided.

The win was a close one. There was a tie break situation that resulted in the last race. The Land Rover team was able to secure a total of 512 points and they were ahead of their competition by about 19 points. The Emirates team of New Zealand had been in the third position and was also aiming to close the gap. However, they remained in their third position by the end of the Japan regatta. Their overall score was 493 points. Ainslie has been much banked upon as he is an Olympian sailor of great merit and he has truly proven himself this year.